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Reopening Schools July Workshop

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Imagine walking into the new school year, confident that whatever happens with coronavirus, you will be ready because your plan is clear and simple enough that you will have things in place no matter what happens.

You’ll be able to start the year in any circumstance and know that your plan is going to work.

Here’s the Framework:

1. Start asynchronous

2. Build culture

3. Focus on the most essential!

Here’s how the workshop will be structured:

Week 1: overview of the framework and your specific situation, reviewing local government requirements and plans for reopening.

Week 2: Start building your plan. Apply the framework and combine it with recommendations from your government.

Week 3: Review and critique others’ plans and have your plan reviewed and critiqued.

Week 4: Apply different scenarios to your single plan.

August Live Checkin: Make sure our plans are good and have a session to rehash what we are going to do.

Each week, we will meet live (on Mondays at 1 pm Pacific) to discuss things and then have work time to create and collaborate on planning.

I’ll provide templates to help get things started in the right direction, and make sure that you have what you need to be successful.

We also cocreate planning documents and collections of resources to help other people be successful in implementing this in the future. 

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Weekly live meetings (July 6-27), recordings, a plan, and supplemental documents.


Reopening Schools July Workshop

0 ratings