Raising Cyberethical Kids: An Audio Course

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"I gave my child a phone, now what?" 

The smart devices we give our kids are too often gateways to things we don't want them to be exposed to. 

Kids are spending too much time on games, social media, and other time-wasting activities. 

Kids try to get around filters and screen time limits. What are we to do? 

There is an answer!

In this audio course, Frederick Lane and Jethro Jones talk parents through creating a Family Acceptable Use Policy. While an FAUP may sound like a bunch of legalese, it doesn't have to be that way. 

With insightful stories from Jethro's years as a school principal, and Frederick's incredible research into Cybertraps over the last decade, this audio course will help parents know how to communicate with their kids to make things better for the whole family and their relationship with devices. 

Addressing the needs of kids from little swipers (toddlers) to proto-adults (teenagers), this audio course will give parents tools and strategies to reduce screen time, eliminate fighting about device use, and help kids stay off of inappropriate web sites. 

The Course

Episode 1 Your Family Should Have An Acceptable Use Policy: What is an acceptable use policy and why it's such a good idea for your family. No lawyers needed. 

Episode 2 Personal Property And Safety: Helping little swipers understand how to use and respect what belongs to others. 

Episode 3 Rules Regarding Digital Content: As kids start elementary school and learn to read, their interactions with devices becomes more complex. This section supports their growth. 

Episode 4 Rules Regarding Communication And Personal Privacy: Preteens and middle schoolers start wanting to express themselves more and build more social connections. It's developmentally appropriate, but their brains may not be ready for social media yet. How to introduce things to them slowly and appropriately. 

Episode 5 Rules Regarding Electronic Behavior: As kids turn from our sweet, innocent children to more aware proto-adults, we need new strategies to help the be successful. 

Episode 6 Enforcing A Family Acceptable Use Policy: We take the approach that a family acceptable use policy is an agreement, and discuss consequences. And, most importantly, we discuss the need to move from friends to role models in our social media circles. 

3 ratings
  • 6 audio courses teaching you how to improve your family's relationship with digital devices.

  • 6 audio courses teaching you how to improve your family's relationship with digital devices.


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Raising Cyberethical Kids: An Audio Course

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